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At the Upstate Canine Academy, we offer dog training for ALL breeds. Not only do we focus on fixing all of the problems you are having with your dog training, but we also expand the education and capabilities of the owner. We offer training packages to fit all budgets and canine capabilities. All packages include private and group sessions. Group sessions put you and your dog in a real-life situations. These sessions will apply what is learned during private sessions in an environment with HIGH level distractions. Group also works on socialization at all levels. It is great for our shy, timid dogs and the best for all puppies! After your package has run out, you can purchase a monthly membership to continue group sessions.

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A large portion of our training is focused on educating the owner on the proper way to communicate with their dog. Whether you are trying to fix bad behaviors or are just starting out, our staff at the Academy is here to help! Our training packages work on everything from puppy foundation and basic obedience, behavior modification and advanced, off leash training with high distractions.
Each dog learns differently and has individual needs. Our creative training methods allow us to progress with every dog.

America’s Canine Educator is an official instructor/evaluator for the American Kennel Club and a professional canine member of  IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). Certify your dog today!

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