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Board and Train



Do you want to send your dog away to our Academy?
Our board & train program is the most popular and effective way to train your dog!

When learning new habits and behaviors, dogs need consistency. Our board & train program allows us to give your dog the structure and constant training they need to be successful.

We tailor each program depending on the dog’s needs. Board & train focuses on, but is not limited to the following:

  • Beginner foundation training [sit, down, stay, heel, place, recall]
  • Behavior modification [fear & aggression]
  • Off leash training
  • Personal protection foundation training

We find that one of the biggest problems with trying to do everything yourself at home, is dogs do not get the exposure they need to be fully balanced. Throughout their stay with us, your dog will learn how to adapt and socialize with new dogs, people and environments. We spend several hours training your dog each day, working on specific issues and overall obedience. Your dog trains privately, in a group setting and off-location in realistic environments. Our goal is to develop a dog who is obedient, confident and can perform the instilled training with anyone, anywhere.

Board & train is convenient and beneficial for both dog and owner. We ensure you, as the owner, are educated with the necessary knowledge and go home with proper techniques and tools to set your dog up for success. A private training session is done upon pick up to demonstrate and teach you everything your dog has learned, as well as what needs to be applied moving forward. The training we do during the board & train will build a solid foundation of understanding behaviors and relationships needed to be successful. The real success comes from you and your family continuing the training at home.

Board & Train



Each additional day over a package is $150 per day. A $200 deposit per dog is required for reservation. Prices do not include training equipment such as collars, leashes, e-collars, etc. Full payment is due upon drop off.

2 week package
$2,450 +tax
14 days

3 week package
$3,360 +tax
21 days

4 week package
$4,400 +tax
28 days

Each additional day over a package is $150 per day.

*$200 deposit per dog required for reservation. Full payment due upon drop off.


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Board & Train
Board & Train



Our board & train program is sought-after all over the country. Since we have dog’s traveling from out of state on a regular basis, we have limited availability.